An Introduction to Materials used for Chipseals


This course provides a basic introduction to the materials used in chipseals in NZ and is intended for those who have not previously had formal training in this subject from other courses.

It is essential knowledge for those supervising road surfacing operations and is intended to give a good understanding of the properties and specifications of the component materials - bituminous binders and mineral aggregates. Knowledge of the subject matter in this course is essential for those wishing to attend the NZIHT 'Chipseal Design' course.


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0.5 day course.

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Barry Gundersen

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$480 + GST per person

(Minimum numbers are required before a course is confirmed)

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Topics include

  • Bitumen production, NZTA M1 specification
  • Penetration, viscosity, flash point, durability
  • Pumping, mixing and spraying temperatures
  • Additives - cutters, fluxes, adhesion agents, antifoam
  • Additives - polymers, natural  rubber, fibres
  • Water stripping, active adhesion, vialit test
  • Aggregate precoating, bitumen and emulsion primers
  • Bitumen emulsions, classification, on-road behaviour
  • Sampling hot bitumen and emulsion
  • Production of sealing chip and asphalt aggregates
  • Source tests for rock for chip and asphalt
  • NZTA M6 specification properties and tests
  • ALD concepts in detail, and sieve analysis/grading
  • Sampling various aggregates
  • Application of chip
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Understand the basic properties of binders and aggregates for Chipseals 
  • Understand the material requirements of NZTA M1 and M6 
  • Understand the tests used for road surfacing materials and how to interpret test results
  • Understand how the material properties of binders and aggregates affect on-road performance
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Who should attend

All those, whether contractor or client, who supervise chipseal  construction or who are involved in chipseal design

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