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* Are you frustrated with Excel

* Only using 20% of the functionality

* Need Excel to work for you? 

This workshop will hone your skills. Move from the basics to the many advanced Excel functions, make Excel work for you.  Learn how analysis your data with functions, filters, Pivot tables, charting, navigate large spread sheets, save time, and become a confident Excel user.

This hands-on workshop provides participants with:

  • Moving beyond the ‘table with totals at the bottom’ spread sheet
  • Learn new techniques to make your spread sheets more efficient
  • This is an intermediate / advanced workshop for users who would like a new approach to spread sheet design
  • Demonstrate techniques for automating processes
  • Securing spread sheet applications
  • Examines techniques for more efficient use of analysing data using PivotTables


The skills learnt on this workshop will:

  • Save you time
  • Save you frustration
  • Enhance your use of Excel and improve the stability and validity of your spreadsheets
  • Broaden your knowledge of Excel and many of its capabilities


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1 day course.

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Rodney Penney

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$520 per person + GST

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

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Topics include

  • Navigation to speed up your work flow
  • Selection techniques
  • Mathematical Rules - Thinking it through!
  • Conditional Functions
  • Using text functions
  • Splitting, combining text
  • Name Ranges
  • Hiding columns, rows and formula
  • Protecting workbooks / work sheets
  • Saving on time - using lookup tables / lists
  • Automating entries
  • Auditing formulas
  • Using multiple worksheets, applying formulas
  • Conditional formatting and data validation
  • Sorting and Filtering data
  • Subtotalling worksheets
  • Manipulating data using PivotTables / PivotCharts, Slicers
  • Automation - creating MACROS
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Be able to navigate around workbooks/worksheets
  • Know the order of mathematical operations for Excel
  • Understand Absolute and Relative Referencing
  • Name ranges and cells for better understanding
  • Using the many Goto options
  • Creating conditional IF function statements
  • Combining and splitting text using functions
  • Using array formulas
  • Formula auditing to find #errors
  • Figuring out how formulas work
  • Protecting worksheets / workbooks/formulas from being changed
  • Use Lookup tables for faster data entry
  • Hiding Rows / Columns / Sheets
  • Formatting to display conditional values
  • Ensuring that the data entered is specific
  • Using data lists to remove entry errors
  • Creating multiple worksheets
  • Using 3D calculations through multiple worksheets
  • Consolidating worksheets / workbooks into one summary file / sheet
  • Subtotalling areas of data in one worksheet
  • Sorting and Filtering data
  • Grouping / Outlining data across a spread sheet
  • Using data tables
  • Understanding PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Using Slicers
  • Recording a macro to work more efficiently
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Who should attend

Anyone who uses Excel frequently and would like to learn how to get the best from Excel using many tips and tricks. Find out the power of Excel. Guaranteed to improve your Excel skills and productivity. 

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