Industry Comments

The Roading Sector continues to change rapidly, with evolving requirements for new technology, management systems and professional competencies.  New Zealand companies continue to develop off-shore markets and are now firmly entrenched in the export of New Zealand skills and practices.  The ability to meet New Zealand’s local market prerogatives, and also to maintain credibility in new markets, is of paramount importance.  The short courses and post-graduate instruction presented by NZIHT are crucial in maintaining industry competencies and competitiveness.

Kieran Shaw
Chief Executive
Association of Consulting Engineers NZ


As we begin to emerge from the recent recession we once again face the challenge of having sufficient industry capability and capacity to meet the new challenges and to “do it once – do it right”. However, producing quality product in a cost effective way doesn’t just happen. It needs contractors to have well-trained and competent workers.

It also needs contractors who can work in the new environment of collaboration as we face some of the biggest changes the sector has seen since the 1990s.

 NZIHT offers contractors the opportunity to train their engineers and workers to meet these challenges and has done an excellent job over past years.

Those contractors who upskill existing staff and train new staff within a positive organizational culture will make the most of these current times and opportunities. Whether it be for routine maintenance work or construction.

Chris Olsen
Chief Executive
Roading New Zealand


The NZ Contractors’ Federation supports the approach to excellence in industry training exhibited by the NZIHT over recent years.  In NZIHT, the industry has a well run training organisation that has developed a range of qualifications suited to the specific needs of the civil contracting industry.  The whole industry benefits when competent providers deliver training in a manner that is targeted to the needs of each specific section of our workforce.  NZIHT has worked hard to ensure that its courses are relevant to our members’ needs and I commend these courses for the consideration of potential course participants.

Jeremy Sole
Chief Executive
NZ Contractors' Federation


The NZRF has a commitment to training such as that provided by NZIHT as an effective means of satisfying various certification renewals, meeting legislative requirements, and providing training for those new to the industry. 

In addition to training offered for some unit standards making up the roadmarking National Certificates, NZIHT offers training designed to meet the needs of the roading maintenance and construction industries. These include a range of training options from short courses through to Diploma and Degree programmes.

Training is an important element in developing and maintaining a productive workforce who carry out work tasks to high safety standards. 

Alister G Harlow
Executive Director
NZ Roadmarkers' Federation Inc.


The NZ Transport Agency provides an integrated approach to transport planning, funding and delivery of transport solutions to help New Zealand thrive.  A well-functioning transport sector is central to the well being of New Zealand society and the development of the economy, and as such it is essential that the sector benefits from effective training and skills development.

NZIHT offers detailed training covering highway technology and the effective management of transport assets, and these are vital areas for the sector to focus on in the quest for increased value for money solutions.  I am happy to endorse NZIHT’s offerings and their contribution to the development of the sector.


Geoff Dangerfield
Chief Executive
NZ Transport Agency