New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 2)


2022 Timetable (Regions and Start Dates)

2022 Start Dates and Locations:

Hamilton                          1 & 2 June

Christchurch                   13 & 14 June

New Plymouth                 21 & 22 June

Auckland                         20 & 21 July

Palmerston North           28 & 29 July

For full timetable plese click here 2022 IW2 Timetable


Programme Fee


This programme is 'FEE FREE' for NZ Citizens and NZ Permanent Residents.

(Applicants must supply a verified copy of either their NZ Passport, NZ Birth Certificate or Residency Visa)

Applicants on Work Visa's will be accepted.  Programme fee is $3,000 + GST per student.

(Applicants must supply a verified copy of their NZ Work Visa)




This Level 2 Qualification is for people commencing a career in the infrastructure works industry. They may be new to the industry, from school or another industry, or they may be already working in the industry without a qualification.

This qualification is also relevant to pre apprenticeship programmes relevant to infrastructure works. The qualification gives the graduate an understanding of the infrastructure works industry and the health, safety and environmental knowledge required to work safely on site and with others. These people will work under direct supervision. 

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:
*Apply an understanding of the infrastructure works industry and the specific health, safety and environmental requirements needed to work safely and responsibly with others on infrastructure works sites.
* Perform basic infrastructure works activities.

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For further information or an enrolment pack please contact:
Jan Kivell 
Short Course & Programme Manager
NZ Institute of Highway Technology, New Plymouth office             
P: 06 759 7065 ext. 3708        E:

Programme Delivery Format

The New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 2) is delivered over a 20 week period via a mixture of block course training and self-directed study within the work place.

All block courses are compulsory.  

BLOCK ONE : Health and Safety for Infrastructure Works
Attend TWO (2) days off-job (classroom) training

26720   Describe health, safety and environmental care at an infrastructure works site
- 17593   Apply safe work practices in the workplace
- 22283   Demonstrate knowledge of occupational areas and structures in the NZ infrastructure works industry
- 20868   Demonstrate knowledge of emergency response in the infrastructure works industry

BLOCK TWO: Traffic Management
Attend ONE (1) day off-job (classroom) training

20877    Demonstrate knowledge of working safely at sites under temporary traffic management
- 20878    Assist with temporary traffic management for low volume and Level 1 roads

BLOCK THREE: Communications and Quality Assurance
Attend TWO (2) days off-job (classroom) training

9677     Participate in a team or group which has an objective
- 12349   Demonstrate knowledge of time management
- 17327   Apply communication skills on an infrastructure works site
- 27329   Demonstrate knowledge of and apply quality assurance practices to own work area in an infrastructure works operation

BLOCK FOUR: Worksite Machinery
Attend ONE (1) day off-job (classroom) training

6475   Describe and complete work records for infrastructure works
- 6469   Maintain small machinery used on infrastructure works site
- 23285 Use and care for hand tools used for infrastructure works

BLOCK FIVE: Earthworks for Civil Construction
Attend ONE (1) day off-job (classroom) training

31445   Demonstrate knowledge of soils and aggregates, and compaction, for infrastructure works

Entry Criteria

Entry is open to people working in the Infrastructure Works Industries as they need to complete work place assessments. 

Please note: All enrolled students are required to complete either a literacy or numeracy assessment at the commencement of the first block course and prior to the completion of the last block course within this programme. This is a diagnostic assessment to assist with monitoring a student’s personal progress. It is not an entry criteria used for selection purposes.


How to Enrol

You can simply request an enrolment pack from the Programme Manager at NZIHT:

Jan Kivell - or 06 759 7065 ext 3708

Or an enrolment form can be downloaded here.  Print this form and email to Programme Manager.

A verified copy of either your NZ Passport or NZ Birth Certificate MUST be supplied with your completed enrolment form.

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