Conferences & Seminars

New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT) organises memorable, rewarding, enjoyable events, conferences and seminars. Providing full management, coordination, planning and the running of the event to ensure it is successful and meets the delegates or attendees expectations.

The professional and well experienced event management team at NZIHT are committed to your successful outcomes.

Contact Jill now to discuss your individual requirements.  

Full List of Conferences & Seminars

Title 2018 NZ Transport Agency/NZIHT 19th Annual Conference
Location Blenheim
Date 5/11/2018
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Title 2018 IECA and NZIHT Conference
Location Christchurch
Date 28/8/2018
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Title 2018 Transport Corridors & Utility Access - A NZUAG Seminar on the Code and its Review
Location Various
Date 19/4/2018
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Title 2017 NZ Transport Agency/NZIHT 18th Annual Conference
Location Tauranga
Date 6/11/2017
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Title 2016 NZ Transport Agency/NZIHT 17th Annual Conference
Location Dunedin
Date 30/10/2016
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Title 2016 Erosion and Sediment Control Conference
Location Auckland
Date 31/8/2016
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Title 2015 NZ Transport Agency/NZIHT 16th Annual Conference
Location Hastings
Date 1/11/2015
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Title 2014 NZTA/NZIHT 15th Annual Conference
Location Queenstown
Date 2/11/2014
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Title 2014 IECA Cost & Complexity, or Common Sense: Process versus Outcome
Location Wellington
Date 28/9/2014
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Title 2014 NZIHT Resilient Infrastructure Conference
Location Rotorua
Date 6/7/2014
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Title 2013 ECONOMIC PAVEMENT SYSTEMS FOR THE FUTURE Recent Advancements in Pavement Design & Binder Technology
Location Rotorua
Date 7/7/2013
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Title 2013 NZTA/NZIHT 14th Annual Conference
Location Auckland
Date 3/11/2013
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Title 2012 NZTA/NZIHT 13th Annual Conference
Location Nelson
Date 4/11/2012
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Title 2012 IECA Recent & Future Innovations in Erosion & Environmental Control
Location Hamilton
Date 22/7/2012
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