Asphalt Pavement Construction Essentials

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This course is designed to enable both new and novice construction personnel to learn and understand the basic concepts and requirements to lay a quality chipseal/asphalt pavement. On occasion a new staff member is thrown into a crew and is given a basic task to perform, yet they never really get to understand the total picture of what they are working towards. This course is designed to create a better understanding of all aspects of the construction process.

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0.5 day course.

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Adam Nichol

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$395 per person + GST

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Topics include

  • Basic Bitumen Safety and Hazard ID
  • Chipseal and Asphalt Surfacing Types
  • Planning the Job – Materials, Equipment and Subcontractors
    • Selecting the right mix
    • Paver/s
    • Rollers – type and numbers
    • Trucking – match to production/laying rate
    • Millers
  • Marking out and measuring the Job
  • Quality – Records and HOLD Points
  • Chipseal Construction Basics:
    • Traffic Control/Hazard ID/Pre-Start
    • Binder types/heat/application rates/supply
    • Seal design basics
    • Single Coat/Two Coat
    • Chip sizes/application/rolling
    • QA
    • Excess chip removal
    • Line marking
    • Asphalt Construction Basics:
    • Traffic Control/Hazard ID/Pre-Start
    • Preseal treatments
    • Asphalt type/thickness/density/tonnes required
    • AC Supply – manufacturer/deliver
      • Trucking – match production with laying rates
      • Mix temperature control
    • Mark out runs
    • Tack coating
    • Membrane sealing
    • Set up paver
    • Compaction Control
      • Using the correct roller
      • Mix laying temperatures
      • When to start/stop compacting
    • QA
    • Line marking
    • Client satisfaction
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Work safely on a surfacing job/project
  • Distinguish; the various processes, roles and equipment used on surfacing sites
  • Understand the basics of constructing a quality pavement surface
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Who should attend

  • Employees with limited surfacing knowledge who wish to gain a better understanding of the construction processes.
  • Employees, with ‘hands on’ experience, who wish to understand why these processes are being followed.
  • Engineers/consultants wishing to understand the practical aspects of bituminous surfacing.


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