Bitumen & Chemical Safety in a Civil Engineering Laboratory


Engineering laboratories carry out testing on asphalt and binders. The use of hot materials is always a potential for hazard. Often as civil engineering does not require handling of small amounts of materials bitumen and chemical safety is handled by teaching operational procedures and needs, these are often either inappropriate or cumbersome in a laboratory. Chemicals are also used in civil laboratories and their specific requirements and safe handling needs can be lost. SDS are designed mostly for larger scale usage of the product. Increasingly specialized testing has introduced new hazards. This course looks at use of bitumen and chemicals from a laboratory perspective.


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1 day course.

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Glynn Holleran

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$520.00 per person + GST

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Topics include

  • Health and Safety Act
  • Bitumen manufacture and chemistry
  • Laboratory heating and handling of bitumen including lab PPE
  • Storage of bitumen
  • Laboratory handling of common solvents and the risks long and short term including lab PPE
  • Storage of solvents
  • Laboratory handling of common chemicals and the risks long and short term
  • Storage of chemicals
  • Disposal of waste
  • Interpreting SDS
  • What should be included in an SOP
  • Auditing for safety using SOP
  • What to do about bitumen burns
  • What to do about solvent and chemical exposure and spills
  • New materials in the lab - what to do before using 
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Be able to write an SOP for handling and using bitumen, solvents and chemicals
  • Be able to interpret a SDS
  • Understand storage requirements
  • Know what to do when spills or issues arise
  • Be able to assess effectively a new material in the laboratory  
  • Be able to work with others in a lab using different materials 
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Who should attend

  • New lab staff
  • Students coming in to a laboratory at a University or other institution 
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