Environmental Risks of Construction


‘Preparing you with the on-site essentials’

Do you know the environmental risks and obligations of construction projects? 

This course provides participants with a practical understanding of the environmental aspects of civil construction.  Providing you the know-how to understand your legal obligations, raise environmental awareness and find workable solutions too many of the common risks on construction sites.   

The course is designed for anyone involved in the construction industry, including contractors, project managers, regulators and consultants.

The course uses a number of real site examples and includes hands on discussions.

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1 day course.

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4Sight Consulting

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$795 + GST per person

(minimum number apply before a course will run)

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Topics include

  • Unique characteristics of civil contracting context
  • How the RMA works including duties, rules and liabilities
  • Impacts of rules and resource consents on daily activities
  • Potential effects of common activities and minimum industry standards for their management including:
    • Eerosion and sediment control principles and key controls
    • Stormwater catchpit protection
    • Noise, vibration, odour and dust
    • Basic hazardous substance rules for chemical and fuel storage
    • Prevention and management of spills
    • Works around watercourses
    • Works around trees
    • PH effects of concrete, cement and lime work
    • Asphalt cutting
    • Dewatering
    • Waste minimisation and disposal
    • Resource efficiency
    • Basic archaeological site discovery protocol
    • Basic contaminated site discovery protocol
    • Basic clean fill protocol;
      • Selected environmental management system procedures such as tracking compliance - why and how
      • Practice identifying potential risks and solutions associated with common activities
      • Real examples from projects and legal cases
      • Emphasis on relevant regional issues
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles, common control measures and risk assessment required to protect the environment at a civil construction works site
  • Plan for and manage environmental risks associated with a project
  • Demonstrate knowledge of environmental legislation relevant to an infrastructure works site
  • Explain typical resource consents and permits required for an infrastructure works site
  • Explain the consequences of non-compliance, non-compliance reporting, and enforcement powers and notices relevant to an infrastructure works site 
  • Describe and communicate environmental incidents and the impacts on the employee and to an Infrastructure works site
  • Describe the types of contaminant discharges, the impacts of discharges, and contamination mitigation measures on an infrastructure works site 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of environmental controls and work practices, maintenance schedules, and auditing and communication procedures of sediment control and maintenance schedules in an infrastructure works site
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Who should attend

This course is essential for all civil construction site workers (foreman to engineers) all of whom have legal, contractual and/or practical responsibilities for project environmental performance.

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