How to Claim an Extension of Time in a Construction Contract


How well can you prepare your claim for an extension of time?

Can you: 

  • Identify the event that impacted on your programme and why it happened?  
  • Analyse the impact of that event?  
  • Identify possible alternative solutions? 
  • Undertake a delay analysis?
  • Know what evidence to attach to a claim?

This course, from a practical and ‘hands-on’ point of view, will benefit contractors needing to prepare a claim for an extension of time.

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0.5 day course.

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Dave Hooker

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$395 per person + GST

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)


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Topics include


  • Seven reasons for extension of time
  • When to apply for an extension of time
  • Supporting information for a alaim
  • Is compensation for costs applicable
  • Knowledge deemed known by a prudent contractor
  • Basis of claim is comprehensive programme at time of tender
  • Engineers options if extension of time claim made
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Identify the key components for making a claim for an extension of time in  a construction or civil engineering project
  • Identify the impact and costs of a claim 
  • Prepare a claim in terms of timeframe of conditions of contract
  • Support their claim with appropriate data
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Who should attend

Contractors and Project Managers, as well as experienced personnel wishing to improve their skills.

As a pre- requisite participants need to have a good understanding of NZSS3910.

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