Microsoft Project - Resource Management


This course will continue on from the Task Management and add the Resourcing components. Manage in detail the project's resources hourly rates, materials and costs; this forms a budget. Manage resource calendars, task types, resource tracking, and resource pool to show against the Baseline.  

This intermediate level course is designed for advanced users who have attended Task Management (pre-requisite) and who need to work with budgets and use resources in detail.  Using your resources will provide a clearer understanding of your progress costs against your plan.

Attendees will create customised views, tables, details, groups, and filters to view and present project progress.


This hands-on course provides participants with practical understanding of:

  • Project Resource Management skills
  • The skills / tools for planning and controlling resources and tasks within projects that will meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Managing costs, budgeting, resource costs, tools for managing a variety of task durations, connectivity to other programs
  • How to distribute resources between several projects


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1 day course.

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Rodney Penney

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$695 per person + GST

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

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Topics include

  • Reviewing tasks - durations / work, linking types, lead and lag, summary and sub tasks, baseline
  • Adding resource types and units
  • Managing resources availability, specifying costs
  • Creating resource calendars
  • Adding resource calendars to the resources
  • Assigning several resources to tasks
  • Assigning durations to resources
  • Editing resource assignments
  • Using resource and task usage views
  • Resource levelling
  • Monitoring resource costs and task costs
  • Understanding relationship between Units, Work, Duration
  • Understanding Fixed Work, Units, Duration
  • Using resource usage views
  • Editing views
  • Resource levelling procedures
  • Resource tracking
  • Customising tables, fields, views
  • Work break down structure and codes
  • Filters, custom filters, grouping, custom grouping
  • Monitoring costs
  • Managing project progress
  • Resource pools linked to projects
  • Exporting / Importing data
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Demonstrate an understanding of resource types, units, calendars and be able to assign to tasks
  • Understand how Work, Units and Duration affects a project
  • Demonstrate how Fixed Units, Fixed Duration and Fixed Work affect project timelines, resources and tasks
  • Understand and use the resource assignment views
  • Apply resource levelling to task and resources
  • Track resources, costs and compare with the planned budget
  • Customise project views, tables, codes
  • Create filters and groups for better reporting and understanding
  • Use resource pools between projects to track costs verses baseline costs to determine if over or under budget
  • Comparing versions
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Who should attend

This intermediate level course is designed for users who have attended the Task Management course and who have created, run projects using MS Project.  The attendees could be Project Managers, Business Managers and those responsible for planning, scheduling tasks and resources to meet planned goals for projects. MS Project can be used to manage the progress and budget of multiple projects eg; building bridges, roading, sub-divisions, creating tenders, buildings etc.

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Presenter information

Rodney Penney, is a highly experienced trainer with a friendly and inclusive approach and he is able to draw out the wealth of experiences participants often have.

Rodney’s qualifications include Microsoft Office Master Instructor, a Teaching Certificate, and Level One Instructors Certificate for both Skiing and Snowboarding.  Rodney had been training in the corporate world for over 20 years and has a wealth of computer experience.  He has trained many project managers and users of project management software from a great variety of industries.  Participants have always enjoyed the course participation and have imparted knowledge and individual experiences to the group.  


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