Microsoft Word - Improving Documents


Are you responsible for creating documents for tenders, health and safety, contracts, business proposals: how do you make these documents readable with consistent layouts that adhere to your company’s standards?  

This course is designed for Word users from basic to intermediate who need to be more efficient with developing documents to an advanced level using many automation aspects of Word.  Win more tenders, contracts with consistent, clear and well formatted documents.


  • Creating better documents using many advanced techniques
  • Creating Table of Contents, updating automatically
  • Using tables for layout
  • Add images, drawings, understanding file sizes and types 
  • Inserting Excel graphs, linking to source files
  • Labeling images, diagrams, adding Table of Figures 
  • Using consistent styles to quickly format the documents
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Working with page break, section breaks - portrait/landscape pages 
  • Creating/managing templates
  • Adhering to the company style guides

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1 day course.

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Rodney Penney

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$595 per person + GST

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

NOTE: Laptops will be provided for each participant to use

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Topics include

  • Formatting characters, paragraphs 
  • Adding bullets, numbering, multi-level numbering/bullets 
  • Creating columns of text 
  • Using before and after paragraph formatting for better layout  
  • Using and creating styles to format paragraphs, characters
  • Managing tables, use for layout of text, images  
  • Formatting tables, merging cells, calculating in tables 
  • Manipulation images, labeling, image sizes, text wrapping 
  • Insert SmartArt - ie: flowcharts, process flows etc. 
  • Linking spreadsheets and Excel graphs
  • Inserting shapes, text boxes to label diagrams
  • How to use Quick Parts 
  • Adding Equations, symbols 
  • Page layout, using portrait and landscape in the same document
  • Adding headers, footers to pages
  • Using page numbers across section breaks
  • How to  use Foot and End Notes 
  • Navigating using Bookmarks, Hyperlinks 
  • Watermarks for Draft, Confidential documents 
  • Creating a Mail Merge to send a file to many people 
  • How Track Changes can assist with editing documents 
  • Creating templates to save time
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Create a document that looks great
  • Use all the same fonts, sizes, paragraph, indentations 
  • A well design layout of images, graphs, tables, 
  • Have a multipage files with landscape and portrait pages
  • Have page numbers, logos on all pages
  • Know how to use styles for consistent looking text and paragraphs
  • Understand how Table of Contents are created and modified
  • Use tables to create a pleasing layout of text and images
  • Add objects to label, illustrate document processes
  • Use Quick Parts to save time 
  • Use bookmarks, hyperlinks, styles to navigate files 
  • Understand how page break, section break can be used 
  • How watermarks work for you 
  • Create a Mail Merge for sending letters/files to many people
  • Create and manage templates
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Who should attend

This course is designed for ALL word users, Project Managers, HR, Health and Safety coordinators, contract writers, creators of procedure manuals, procedure documentation, whether small and large files . 

Have you attended courses and/or now have to create documents that require formal processes, use of company standard formats? Then this course is for you.

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