Pavement Surfacing


High quality pavements, along with the correct selection of pavement surfacing materials are critical to the safety, longevity and condition of New Zealand roads.

This one day course will outline and identify the multiple types of surfacing currently in use, the variety of materials used in maintaining these pavements, as well as design, equipment use and surfacing type selection.

Asphalt and Chipseal practices will be covered at length including cutting and preparation, along with procedures for patching both of these surfacing types.

Current Health and Safety practices will also be covered in depth relating to these specific workplace environments.


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1 day course.

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$520 per person + GST

(minimum numbers apply)

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Topics include

  • Health and Safety Practices
  • Pavement Construction Fundamentals
  • Intent and Limitations of Pavement Surfacing
  • Types of Surfacing
  • Materials
  • Testing of Materials
  • Basic Design
  • Application Equipment and Methods
  • Surfacing Selection
  • What does a successful pavement surface look like?
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Be able to respond to fire incidents at a civil infrastructure work site
  • Demonstrate knowledge of working safely at sites under temporary traffic management
  • Describe bituminous materials
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of safety relating to bituminous materials
  • Demonstrate basic first aid relating to liquid bitumen and bitumen additives
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the compaction of hot mix asphalt
  • How to cut and prepare asphalt and chip seals
  • Show a basic understanding of asphalt and chip seal patching procedures
  • Learn about pavement bandaging
  • Understand the National Code of Practice within the reinstatement processes around the 1m rule
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Who should attend

Project engineers, laboratory staff, specifiers, plant and laying supervisors, new engineers, council and NZTA staff concerned with road surfaces.

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