Productive Conflict


Better understand how to respond in conflict situations. Learn communication strategies for efficiently dealing with conflict. Discover the destructive and the productive behaviors that are typical with different DiSC personality styles.

Clearly one of the most stressful, awkward, and inevitable experiences in the workplace is inter-personal conflict. Now we have a tool and training materials focused on workplace conflict using the language of DiSC. With all the attention placed on conflict resolution maybe it is time to change our view of conflict and resolve how we can use it in a positive way in the workplace.

Learn how to leverage conflict so you can use it in a positive way in your organization.

Conflict may be influenced by an organization’s culture, hierarchy, working styles, and everyday human relationships. While it is a common part of any working relationship, people’s response to conflict is entirely in their control. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict improves self-awareness around conflict situations, highlighting how DiSC® can help you recognize destructive conflict behaviors and make a decision to react differently.

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1 day course.

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Megan Dawson

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$695 per person + GST

Price includes pre-course Disc on-line profiling. Note: if the participant withdraws or changes after the on line profile tool has been completed, the additional cost of this will be charged

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

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Topics include

  • 15-page personalized profile
  • A model for thinking about conflict behavior
  • Opportunities for participants to evaluate their own and others’ behavior in conflict
  • Tips for productive conflict
  • A framework for planning behavior change
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Respond to conflict situations in an effective way
  • Improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors
  • Developing positive conflict behavioral reactions while curbing destructive behaviors
  • Improve workplace results and relationships
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Who should attend

Everyone who wants to get more productive time for themselves and their team, with less stress and more enjoyment.

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Attendees will complete an online assessment of their management style prior to the course. 

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