Risk Management (ON LINE course)


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NZ Institute of Highway Technology Limited (NZIHT), in conjunction with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - online and e-learning specialists, now offers a range of courses in an online format.  We understand that everything has to be fitted into a busy work and life schedule and have chosen the flexibility of online courses for this reason. Over many years a series of professional development courses that provide worthwhile practical skills which can be applied to your life, workplace and career.


Risk Management

Take this risk management online course to help you understand and manage risk. Comprehensive risk management is pivotal to successful organisational, business and project outcomes.

Risk management not only uncovers threats but, just as importantly, it can reveal golden opportunities. These opportunities can make your project smarter, faster and more profitable.

Any risk identified during the life of the project should be formally managed as part of the risk management process. Without a formal project risk management process in place, delivering a project within time, cost and scope may be compromised.

Sound risk management helps a project to run smoothly. By identifying and addressing a comprehensive list of project risks, many unpleasant surprises and barriers can be eliminated and golden opportunities uncovered. The project risk management process also helps with resolving problems when they occur. How? Because those problems have been anticipated and actions to treat them have already been reviewed and approved. And what are the outcomes? Successful projects and happier project teams and stakeholders. The end result is that you minimise the impacts of project threats and capture the opportunities that occur.

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on line course

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$99 +GST per person to complete this on line course

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Topics include

This course sets out the key concepts inclucing:

  • Definitions of risk and risk management
  • Description of the key steps in the risk management process
  • Practical skills for preparing a Risk Management Register so that you can incorporate sound risk management into all of your projects going forward.
  • A coded Excel template is provided so you can easily create a comprehensive Project Risk Register
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Who should attend

  • Anyone involved in planning and managing projects and risk
  • Project Managers, Team Leaders and team members
  • Contract Managers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Practitioners intending to move into project or risk management or leadership roles
  • Public or private sector managers, supervisors, consultants, cross-functional team leaders or anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of risk management

The principles in this course apply to anyone who needs to manage and plan projects. It applies to practitioners across a range of skill sets including the science, engineering, architectural, planning, IT, marketing and sales fields.

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How long will it take?

It will take an average of 2 hours to complete this risk management online course including the associated activities and quiz.Your progress through the course is recorded by Continuing Professional Development’s learning management system. At the completion of the course you will be able to print a unique certificate of completion for your records.

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How do I register?

  • Simply complete the registration form on the .pdf flyer or click here to complete the registration form on line
  • NZIHT will then send you an invoice for payment of the on-line course/courses you wish to complete
  • Once invoice has been paid our partner company ‘CPD’ will send you a link to the course together with the code and instructions how to start.
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