Road Lighting Course A - to AS/NZS 1158


This one day course covers the series of AS/NZS 1158 Standards for Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces. The design of lighting for vehicle and pedestrian road users is covered as well as historical reasoning behind "why we light roads". It allows users to gain full advantage from the broad guidance the standards now provide. The course will cover the elements of good road lighting design for all parts of the road network using the computer techniques specified in the standard.

An understanding of the principles and benefits of road lighting is important. The New Zealand road lighting series of standards is continually being updated. The latest review of the standards commenced in 2012 motivated by a need to incorporate LED lighting.  The review is now extending to other areas and is likely to lead to a number of changes to reflect the latest research results from New Zealand and overseas and incorporate user feedback on the original publications. Among other things the changes are likely to include a review of the NZ road reflection tables and it is important that designers and asset owners understand the reason for the changes and how best to deal with them.


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1 day course.

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$495 per person + GST
$795 per person + GST to attend 2 consecutive days
(ie: both Road Lighting and Road Lighting Design Training)

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

Participants are encouraged to bring copies of the AS/NZS 1158 series of standards and any case studies they may want to or get group comment on.

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Topics include

  • Why we light roads
  • Safety benefits
  • Photometric issues and principles
  • Field measurements
  • Developing a lighting hierarchy
  • Outline of the new issue standards
  • Light sources including LED lighting
  • The basics of design methods
  • Elements of good design
  • The lighting of pedestrian crossings
  • The basic principles for the lighting of tunnels and underpasses
  • The road lighting asset and key measures to minimise lifetime costs
  • Specific case studies (if submitted by the attendees)
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Knowledge of Public Road Lighting Standards and their application to Public Lighting Tasks
  • Knowledge of the model behind the calculation of the light technical paramaters for the various lighting levels in Category V and Category P
  • A basic knowledge of the design principles in completing any public lighting design tasks (with emphasis on road lighting)
  • An appreciation of the content and rules within the Standards and committee reasoning for them
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Who should attend

Road lighting infrastructure asset owners engineers,  technicians and designers from local road controlling authorities, traffic and design engineers from consultants and architects involved in the design of road lighting for vehicle and pedestrian traffic

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Optional Night Tour

  • $70 + GST per person

An optional night tour is available on the evening of this course. This tour of road lighting installations will take approximately two hours, commencing at dusk. Participants will get to see examples of both good and not so good installations and, weather permitting, an opportunity to observe and/or take lighting field measurements. An additional charge of $70 per person + GST is payable for the optional night tour

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