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This Road Lighting Design Training course provides practical guidance for those involved in the detail of design process. Road Lighting Design is a skill that is essential for Asset owners of Road Lighting (Road Controlling Authorities, Councils and NZ Transport Agency) to have ready access to. The course concentrates of the design methodology for roads lit to both Category V and P – but also covers public space lighting , lighting of pedestrian crossings, tunnel/underpass lighting principles, outdoor car park lighting and the new obtrusive lighting effects standard and NZTA M30 specification.

The luminance approach to road lighting design requires attention to the detail for all aspects of the project. Every Category V lighting scheme requires specific analysisand every design it is essential that:

  • An adequate 'design brief' is established
  • The asset owner has access to those with skills and training to define adequately a design brief, plus can provide a design solution of a road lighting task
  • The asset owner can evaluate those solutions and correlate them to the brief originally established
  • The asset owner has an understanding of any lifetime maintenance issues (costs) that the design promotes

For category P different calculation techniques are required but similar disciplines and design experience maybe required.

This one day design course builds on the NZIHT Road Lighting Course A. It covers the design methodology of the series of AS/NZS 1158 Lighting Standards and covers relevant material from within AS/NZS4282, NZTA M30 the “right light” project.

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1 day course.

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Steve Muir

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$520 per person + GST
$850 per person + GST to attend 2 consecutive days
(ie: both Road Lighting and Road Lighting Design Training)

Participants are encouraged to bring any case studies or projects they may want to get comment or opinions on. The course references material in the AS/NZS 1158 series of standards and AS/NZS4282.  Road Lighting Design Software (Perfectlite as a training version) is demonstrated.

(Minimum numbers apply before a course or night tour are confirmed)

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Topics include

  • Building a road lighting design brief
  • Understanding a road lighting design brief
  • For Category V tasks
        * using computer based solutions and results to look at appropriate lighting options
        * using computer tool to finalise selected design and ensure design is compliant and meets (and does not exceed) the design brief.
        * straight road and complex intersection analysis
        * implementation of the various layout rules
  • For Category P tasks
        * using computer based information to establish appropriate lighting solutions
        * implementation of the various layout rules
  • For Pedestrian Crossing lighting
        * and understanding of the LTP’s and methods to calculate them
  • Luminaire Photometrics as necessary
  • Specific case studies (attendees are invited and encouraged to bring their own tasks for consideration and to see solutions evolve)
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On completion of this course participants will

  • A consolidated knowledge of design of Road and Public Space Lighting tasks
  • An in depth knowledge of the design principles and methodology in completing any public lighting design tasks (with emphasis on road lighting)
  • An appreciation of when designer inputs are required for interpretation of the standards for lighting tasks with particular requirements i.e thinking "outside the square"
  • Observed appropriate design presentation methodologies that the client should be provided with
  • An understanding of outdoor car parking design
  • An understanding on the control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting
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Who should attend

Lighting Designers, or those wanting a more in depth understanding of the detail of the lighting design process. Engineers and designers from local road controlling authorities, traffic and design engineers from consultants and architects involved in the design of road lighting or public lighting for vehicle and pedestrian movement.


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