Working with Concrete - Basic Skills


Many minor roadwork and maintenance contract jobs require provision of concrete for drainage and utility surrounds, crossings, kerbing, driveways, footpaths, manholes, inspection chambers and kerb and channel construction.

If poorly constructed and not up to specification, then repairs to defective concrete work will be both costly and time consuming; also poor finishing can present a perception of poor quality.

This course aims to give workers basic knowledge relating to preparing, placing and finishing minor concrete works and the equipment needed to produce quality results.


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1 day course.

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$495 per person + GST

(Minimum numbers apply before a course is confirmed)

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Topics include

  • The basic principles of concrete mix design and the production, placing and testing of concrete
  • Different types of concrete add-mixtures and their properties- retarders, air entrainers, plasticisers etc.
  • The basics of mixing and preparing concrete
  • Preparation for and construction of both slipform and block kerbing
  • Batching and mixing, transporting and handling of concrete
  • Basic techniques for placing, finishing and curing concrete
  • The basics of calculating and ordering materials for small scale concrete operations
  • Types and methods of remedial works
  • Construction of basic vehicle entrance crossings
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On completion of this course participants will

  • Do a basic assessment of the materials, tools and equipment required for small on-site concreting works
  • Prepare basic ground formations and construct formwork, boxing and shuttering to receive concrete
  • Understand the type and quantities of concrete required, in accordance with the contract specifications
  • Show a basic understanding of NZS 3124 in respect of the mixing, transportation, placement and curing of concrete
  • Be aware of the different types of concrete mixes and their properties, including the use of add-mixtures
  • Understand the basic requirements of preparing and laying kerb and channel
  • Correctly carry out basic vehicle crossing, footpath or similar work
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Who should attend

All general workers - from roading, utilities and drainage contractors and leading hands involved in construction works requiring the production and use of concrete.

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